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UOIT Science Café

What is the UOIT Science Café?

The UOIT Science Café is a program developed by the Faculty of Science at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) to provide additional study space, academic support and mentorship to graduate and undergraduate students.

Who is the UOIT Science Café for?

The UOIT Science Café is open to graduate and undergraduate students looking for a relaxed space to study and complete their school work. This space is also for students looking to connect with upper-year Science students and teaching assistants (TAs) and/or students who require academic support with Science courses.

What courses does the UOIT Science Café assist with?

Our TAs are able to provide support with undergraduate Science courses in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics and Computer Science, at any year level.

Why should I attend the UOIT Science Café?

The UOIT Science Café provides you with a weekly opportunity to review and stay on top of course material, with the advantage of having teaching assistants to guide you and provide support as needed. We also offer various study tools/resources and complimentary hot beverages during our sessions.  

How does the Science Café work?

The UOIT Science Café runs as a weekly drop-in session. No registration is required, so students can stop by at any point during our sessions and take advantage of our study space and resources even if they don't require academic support. Our UOIT Science Café TAs are available to provide assistance as needed, whether it is on a one-on-one basis or in small collaborative groups.
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