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Forensic Science

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Forensic Science is an interdisciplinary area of science that involves the use of scientific principles to analyze evidence for legal investigations.

The BSc (Honours) in Forensic Science program is distinguished by a strong scientific foundation in biology and chemistry, with allied courses related to forensic aspects of identification, toxicology, physics, psychology and law. The first year focuses on fundamental courses in biology, chemistry, calculus and physics. This provides students with a basic grounding in the core science disciplines to prepare them for future scientific developments in any area they choose to pursue, and to provide the flexibility of selecting their program specialization. Subsequent years introduce students to more advanced topics in the forensic and natural sciences, and incorporate practical learning at the Crime Scene House, Forensic Teaching Laboratory and the Forensic Ecology Research Facility.

Our Forensic Science program has its full accreditation granted by the American Academy of Forensic Sciences’ Forensic Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC). It is one of only two programs in Canada to receive this prestigious award.

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