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A career in forensic science is becoming more demanding and professional as technology and forensic-science techniques are used more broadly and in a variety of contexts. Potential employers of Forensic Science graduates may include:

  • colleges and universities
  • customs and excise agencies
  • federal, provincial and regional government
  • forensic laboratories
  • immigration services
  • insurance and fraud investigation industries
  • pathologist/coroner offices
  • police services
  • private companies

Graduates may choose to continue on to higher education in areas such as medical school, law school, graduate school and teacher's college. 

The Forensic Science program has been designed to develop key knowledge, skills and practical training, which provide graduates with a range of employment opportunities outside forensic science, including research, management and teaching in other areas of science, in both the public and private sector.

Our alumni are invited to join our group UOIT Forensic Science Alumni on LinkedIn, where career and research opportunities are posted weekly. 

Examples of jobs and graduate positions held by our alumni:

  • civilian identification officer
  • clinical research co-ordinator
  • doctorate (UOIT; University of Technology, Sydney)
  • equipment sales administrator
  • forensic scientist (Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science) - Centre of Forensic Sciences, State of Delaware
  • forensic services technologist - Ontario Forensic Pathology Service
  • forensic technologist - Wyndham Forensic Group, Centre of Forensic Sciences
  • insurance fraud and claims
  • investigator - Ontario Office of the Fire Marshal
  • laboratory assistant
  • legal assistant
  • Master of Forensic Science (University of Strathclyde; King's College, London, UK; University of Bradford; Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Master of Science, Education (Memorial University)
  • Master of Science, Molecular Genetics (University of Toronto)
  • Master of Science, Pharmacology and Toxicology (University of Toronto)
  • medical school
  • Ontario College Advanced Diploma - Biotechnology Advanced
  • pharmacy assistant
  • quality analyst 
  • research technician
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