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Message to employers

We invite you to explore how a bright and enthusiastic Ontario Tech Science student could help you meet your particular objectives. Co-operative education is a win-win proposition. Students gain valuable experience related to their fields of study, and employers benefit in a number of interesting and productive ways:

  • You have access to a year-round supply of motivated students who have acquired the theoretical foundations and technical skills to be immediately productive on the job.
  • You have access to highly qualified co-op students who can provide short term relief in times of high work load, special projects and employee leave.
  • You can reduce the costs of recruitment by not having to advertise for limited-term positions.
  • Employing co-op students is cost-effective and provides you a valuable screening process for future potential career employees.
  • These highly motivated and creative students bring new energy and a fresh perspective to some of our challenging issues.
  • You will receive the Co-operative Education Tax Credit (CETC).
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