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University of Ontario Institute of Technology faculty

Faculty of Science:

  • Yuri Bolshan, PhD, Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Our research is focused on the development of novel reactions, medicinal chemistry, and synthesis of biologically active natural products.
  • Dario Bonetta, PhD, Associate Professor, Biology: Biologically based materials derived from plant and bacterial sources. Development of novel materials by genetic engineering of synthetic enzyme complexes.
  • Anatoli Chkrebtii, PhD, Professor, Physics: Quantum physics of the solid state and its surfaces. Theory of dynamical, electronic and optical properties of solids and their application to semiconductor growth and microelectronic devices. Solar cell optimization.
  • Jean-Paul Desaulniers, PhD, Associate Professor, Chemical Biology: Synthesis of artificial nucleic-acid and peptide-based materials by chemical modification. Structure-function relationships of novel biomaterials.
  • Brad Easton, PhD, Associate Professor, Chemistry: Novel materials for fuel cells and electrochemical systems. This includes new alloy electrocatalysts and novel electrode structures prepared from organosilane materials.
  • Franco Gaspari, PhD, Associate Professor, Physics: Materials and devices research and development program in the areas of thin film amorphous silicon and carbon, and emerging nano-crystalline materials for application in the fields of renewable sustainable energy (photo-voltaic) and biomedical devices.
  • Fedor Naumkin, PhD, Associate Professor, Chemistry: Computational Nanoscience; ab initio-based studies of nanometer-scale polyatomic systems (intermolecular complexes, clusters, interfaces), their structural, electronic and related properties. Applications: new materials, catalysis and other processes, and molecular electronics.
  • Brian MacLean, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Chemistry, St. Francis Xavier University: Synthesis of conjugated organic polymers/metal-polymer hybrid materials, electrocatalysts for CO2 reduction and H2 evolution, electrochemical investigations of charge transport in conducting polymers.
  • Isaac Tamblyn, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Physics: Theory of nanostructured materials and devices for renewable energy applications. Artificial photosynthesis and water splitting.
  • Liliana Trevani, PhD, Assistant Professor, Chemistry: Physical chemistry of hydrothermal systems, design and development of electrochemical and spectroscopic tools for high temperature aqueous systems, synthesis of new materials using supercritical fluids. Applications: energy production and conversion, geochemistry. 

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science:

  • Remon Pop-Iliev, PhD, Professor, Mechanical Engineering: Design and development of innovative technologies for the manufacture of cellular materials and composites. Hybrid electric vehicles. Composite robotic arms and joints.
  • Ghaus Rizvi, PhD, Associate Professor: Reinforced wood composites with superior mechanical properties, development of extrusion processing, technology for manufacture of fine-celled plastic/wood. Fibre composite foams.

Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science:

  • Matthew Kaye, PhD, Associate Professor: Nuclear materials, high temperature materials chemistry, applied thermodynamics, phase diagram modelling, nuclear safety.
  • Brian Ikeda, PhD, Associate Professor: Corrosion of materials in molten fluoride salts, electrochemical and physical degradation of fluorine anodes, corrosion of nuclear waste container materials, stress-assisted corrosion cracking of metals, localized corrosion of metals at elevated temperatures, long-term performance assessment of materials, radioactive waste management.
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