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Computer Science

The aim of our Master of Science (MSc) and PhD degrees in Computer Science programs is to produce a new breed of computer science graduate who has a broad background in information technology along with project management and people skills. Graduates of these programs will not only have strong technical expertise in their particular field, but will also have the ability to work effectively in interdisciplinary teams. They will be able to tackle problems that require both technical and non-technical solutions.

MSc program

The MSc is a broad-based program that covers concepts from engineering, science and business, with the aim of producing high-quality software professionals. This is a research-based program where students complete a thesis and required course work. It takes approximately 24 months to complete this degree, based on full-time status; students normally start in September. 

PhD program

The PhD program focuses on applied research with the aim of producing highly trained researchers for industry and academia. Students will obtain their degree through a combination of advanced course work, independent research, research seminars, workshops, peer-reviewed publications and a research dissertation. The expected time to completion is 48 months, starting in January, May or September.

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