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Biomolecular Science

Biomolecular Science focuses on:

  • Using molecular, cellular and chemical tools to investigate mechanisms of cell function.
  • Novel drug discovery and synthesis, drug formulation and site-specific drug delivery.
  • Designing biomaterials and bio-based products.
  • The mechanisms of action of pharmaceuticals at the cellular and molecular level.
  • The molecular and cellular aspects of the immune system in response to pathogenic and non-pathogenic micro-organisms.
  • Characterization of biomolecular interactions.

Students achieve these goals through the use of biological and chemical research methods.


  • Dr. Yuri Bolshan, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science (FSci)
  • Dr. Dario Bonetta, Associate Professor, FSci
  • Dr. Jean-Paul Desaulniers, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director, FSci
  • Dr. Brad Easton, Associate Professor, FSci
  • Dr. Sean Forrester, Associate Professor, FSci
  • Dr. Julia Green-Johnson, Associate Professor, FSci
  • Dr. Douglas Holdway, Professor and Tier I Canada Research Chair in Aquatic Toxicology, FSci
  • Dr. Holly Jones-Taggart, Associate Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Dr. Andrea Kirkwood, Associate Professor, FSci
  • Dr. Deborah Saucier, Provost and Vice-President, Academic
  • Dr. Janice Strap, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director, FSci
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