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PhD degree requirements

For the PhD program, a student must complete the following:

  1. APBS 6010G Research in Applied Bioscience (3 credits)
  2. One of the following special topics courses:
    1. APBS 7100G Special Topics in Biomolecular Science (3 credits);
    2. APBS 7200G Special Topics in Ecosystem Health (3 credits); and
    3. APBS 7300G Special Topics in Forensic Bioscience (3 credits).
  3. One of the following elective courses:
    1. APBS 6100G Advanced Cell and Molecular Biology (3 credits);
    2. APBS 6200G Environmental Determinants of Health (3 credits);
    3. APBS 6300G Advanced Topics in Biological Chemistry (3 credits); and
    4. APBS 6400G Advanced Topics in Forensic Bioscience (3 credits).
  4. APBS 7040G PhD Thesis Proposal and Qualifying Exam
  5. APBS 7050G Research Seminar in Applied Bioscience
  6. APBS 7060G PhD Research
  7. APBS 7070G PhD Dissertation 

Please note: Students who transfer directly from the Applied Bioscience MSc program into the PhD program must complete the APBS 7040G, APBS 7050G, APBS 7060G, APBS 7070G.

Minimum Grade

Students must achieve a minimum grade of B- (70%) to achieve credit for a course and must maintain a B- average to remain in the program.

For more details on the policies for graduate studies at UOIT please visit the UOIT Graduate Studies website.

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