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Astrophysics specialization

This specialization is Canada's newest and only laptop-based undergraduate Astrophysics program. Providing a fundamental background in physics and astronomy, it emphasizes the current advances and newest technologies in the field of astrophysics. Upon completion of their degree, our astrophysics students will earn an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Physics with a specialization in Astrophysics, preparing them for graduate work and a wide variety of career options in astronomy and physics.

In addition to the core Physics courses, students will also take four Astrophysics courses:

  • Astronomy I - introduces the fundamentals of astronomy and the solar system.
  • Astronomy II - offers a detailed look at stars, galaxies and the physics of astronomy.
  • Techniques of Modern Astrophysics - covers instrumentation and data analysis as well as computational astrophysics.
  • Cosmology - an examination of the universe as a whole, from the big bang to the current epoch.

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