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Data Science specialization

Starting Fall 2017, Computer Science will offer a four-year program with a Data Science specialization.

Graduates of the Data Science specialization will have a solid understanding of computer science. Additionally, these students will focus on developing knowledge, skills and tools that will set them up for success in the highly lucrative and desirable data science job market. Data Science specialization students will develop problem-solving, critical, analytical, computational and communication skills that will enable them to turn vast quantities of data into insight. Specific learning outcomes include:

  • Develop a solid understanding of the theoretical foundation of data science.
  • Achieve a strong command over programming and computational tools to effectively handle data with volume and complexity.
  • Gain working knowledge over a range of algorithms, methods and systems for performing data analysis on real-life datasets.
  • Attain a good understanding of the applications of data science across a variety of domains.
  • Learn fundamentals of interactive visual analytics.
  • Acquire critical and problem solving skills to extract knowledge and understanding from large volumes data.

The Data Science specialization is in response to the urgent need for individuals capable of turning vast quantities of data into insight. Individuals with this ability, often called data scientists, are highly sought after in a variety of industries, including health care, finance and business consultancy. Our university's Computer Science graduates who specialize in Data Science will be in high demand in both government and private sectors.

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