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"UOIT exposed me to a variety of academic and non-academic experiences that I feel allowed me to produce a strong application for medical schools in Ontario. The professors, teaching assistants, staff and administrators all have the best interests of each individual student in mind and are always willing to help. Small class sizes, access to instructors, a strong student community and the family atmosphere present at UOIT made me feel like it was my second home and motivated me to excel during my time on campus."

– Naheed Dosani, Biological Science, class of 2008; medical school student at McMaster University


"I strongly believe an undergraduate education at UOIT has not only provided me with a strong work ethic but has prepared me in a practical sense for a future career in medicine. Medicine is becoming increasingly collaborative – I strongly feel that UOIT reflects this ideal, encouraging interaction between students, helpful and passionate professors, and hard-working faculty members. Finally, the integration of technology in the field of medicine is becoming quite common; through its approach to technology-enriched learning, UOIT has inspired me to integrate technology as a useful learning tool in my future studies.”

– Shaqil Peermohamed, Biological Science, class of 2008; and became medical school student at the University of Calgary.
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