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Bachelor of Science (Honours)/Bachelor of Education (Concurrent)

If you are interested in pursuing a career in education, Concurrent Education allows you to apply directly for advanced acceptance into a Consecutive Education program. The program allows students to participate in education seminars, visit classes and discover if a career in education is right for them. Students will be encouraged to meet faculty, current teacher candidates and graduates to gain a better understanding of the teaching profession and the multiple career paths one can pursue with a Bachelor of Education.

The Intermediate/Senior Concurrent Education program is available for the undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science. This program is a six-year program that combines a Bachelor of Science (BSc) (Honours) degree with a Bachelor of Education degree. Students complete all of the required course work for a BSc (Honours) degree, taking a minimum of 10 courses in their first teachable subject and six courses in their second teachable subject. Upon completion of your BSc degree, you will directly enter the BEd program. Acceptance is dependent on GPA subject and specialization requirements. Teachable subjects offered in the Concurrent Education program are:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

More information can be found on the Faculty of Education website.

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