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Academic advising

The Science Academic Advising office is committed to assisting students in developing and reaching their academic and personal goals. We serve as the students' main contact within the Faculty of Science. Please contact the Advising Team should you have any questions or concerns pertaining to academic achievement. 

The Science Academic Advising office can assist you by;

  • Connecting students with campus services (e.g. Student Learning Centre and Financial Aid) for additional assistance;
  • Discussing academic progress and standing;
  • Discussing program and course selections;
  • Establishing realistic educational goals and plans for the future;
  • Explaining procedures regarding missed midterm or final examinations due to illness, extenuating circumstances or religious observance
  • Interpreting academic policies and procedures;
  • Providing advice regarding withdrawing from, adding or dropping courses; 
  • Providing guidance for successful progression towards graduation; and
  • Providing tips for academic success.
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