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PhD degree requirements

Core courses

The Modelling and Computational Science graduate programs have the following three core courses:

  • MCSC6010G Mathematical Modelling;
  • MCSC6020G Numerical Analysis; and
  • MCSC6030G High-Performance Computing.

PhD program requirements

  1. Successful completion of eight three-credit courses, which must include the three core courses and five elective courses, at least two of which must be 7000-level courses. A minimum grade of B- must be achieved in each course. These courses represent the breadth requirement. With approval from the Graduate Program Director, up to four courses taken before entering the program may be counted toward the course requirement, if they are considered to be equivalent to UOIT Modelling and Computational Science graduate program courses (see course listings).
  2. Successful completion of a PhD candidacy exam.
  3. Successful completion of the non-credit Graduate Seminar in Modelling and Computational Science and Modelling and Computational Science Professional Skills courses.
  4. Successful completion and oral defence of a doctoral dissertation. 

Additional information can be found on the Graduate Studies website.

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