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Dr. Dhavide Aruliah
Associate Professor, Mathematics

  • computational science focusing on iterative methods for the solution of large-scale linear and nonlinear problems, numerical solution of partial differential equations, and symbolic-numeric computation

Dr. Sean Bohun
Associate Professor, Mathematics

  • industrial mathematics
  • mathematical modelling of crystal growth

Dr. Jeremy Bradbury
Associate Professor, Computer Science

  • empirical assessment of fault-detection tools using mutation
  • software engineering with a focus on model checking, analysis and testing of concurrent systems
  • the combined uses of formal analysis and testing

Dr. Luciano Buono
Associate Professor, Mathematics

  • bifurcation theory of non-linear dynamical systems and their applications to biology

Dr. Anatoli Chkrebtii
Associate Professor, Physics

  • quantum physics of the solid state and its surfaces

Dr. Christopher Collins
Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Dr. Hendrick de Haan
Assistant Professor, Physics

Dr. Mehran Ebrahimi
Assistant Professor, Mathematics

  • medical-image processing
  • inverse problems in imaging

Dr. Mark Green
Professor, Computer Science

Dr. Greg Lewis
Associate Professor, Mathematics

  • bifurcation analysis of large-scale systems with applications to flow transition in geophysical fluids

Dr. Lixuan Lu
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science

  • control and reliability

Dr. Fedor Naumkin
Associate Professor, Chemistry

  • ab initio-based studies of nanoscale systems, involving the development of theoretical/computational approaches and their application to structural, electronic and related properties of polyatomic systems, with applications to new materials, catalysis and other processes, and molecular electronics

Dr. Eleodor Nichita
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science

  • neutron and gamma transport

Dr. Ken Pu
Associate Professor, Computer Science

  • database and information management, including keyword search in databases, graph data, integration of web data using machine learning techniques, and data mining

Dr. Faisal Qureshi
Associate Professor, Computer Science

  • smart camera networks, computer vision, computer animation, artificial life

Dr. William Smith
Dean Emeritus of Science

  • computational science, involving molecular-level modelling and computer simulation of fluids and their mixtures using high-performance computing tools
  • theoretically-based approaches for predicting thermodynamic properties using macroscopic and statistical mechanical tools

Dr. Isaac Tamblyn
Assistant Professor, Physics

  • theory of nanostructured materials and devices for renewable energy applications, artificial photosynthesis and water splitting

Dr. Lennaert van Veen
Associate Professor, Mathematics

  • application of dynamical systems theory to turbulence, brain dynamics and other complex systems, scientific computing, bifurcation theory

Dr. Anthony Waker
Professor, Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science

Dr. Ed Waller
Associate Professor, Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science

  • applied health physics, radiation detection and dosimetry, biological effects of radiation, risk analysis, non-intrusive investigation, threat detection and security
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