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Graduate Program Director


Associate faculty

  • Dr David Agnew
  • Dr. Dhavide Aruliah 
  • Dr. Shawn Bullock
  • Mr. David Clark
  • Dr. Karen Collins
  • Dr. Stephen Fairclough
  • Dr. Mark Hancock
  • Dr. Shih-Chia Huang
  • Dr. Andrew James
  • Dr. Kamen Kanev
  • Dr. Xiaodong Lin
  • Mr. John Madill
  • Dr. Regan Mandryk
  • Dr. Peter Mason
  • Dr. Lennart Nacke
  • Dr. Jennifer Percival
  • Dr. Isaac Tamblyn
  • Dr. Jay Tashiro

FBIT: Faculty of Business and Information Technology 
FEAS: Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science 
FEd: Faculty of Education 
FSci: Faculty of Science
FSSH: Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

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